The Ground-Zero Trophy Mosque

—August, 2010: The Ground-Zero Trophy Mosque

Nine years ago on September 11, a handful of Islamic terrorists flew two passenger jets into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. The ensuing inferno caused the horrible deaths of some 3000 innocent Americans and completely destroyed the landmark structures. Today, Muslims, led by Imam Abdul Rauf, want to build a huge mosque two blocks away from the ground-zero site of the massacre. Imam Rauf contends the mosque will be used to bridge the gap between Islamaphobic Americans and Muslims. What utter nonsense. In reality, erecting a victory mosque at the killing fields of a great Muslim victory is an old and well-practiced Muslim strategy, the central idea being: “Hey, we kicked your ass and now you can look at our mosque to remind you.”

The victory mosque thing has been done many times before, the best known example being the giant mosque built in Cordoba after the Muslim conquest of southern Spain in 712 A.D. When Muslims were driven out in 1236 A.D., the mosque was converted into a Catholic Church which still stands. Modern Muslims believe Cordoba still belongs to them and they want it back. This is Dar al Islam — literally House of Islam and figuratively property of Muhammed. In Islam, you see, once something belongs to Muslims, it belongs to them forever.

This is precisely what is being attempted in New York City today, the construction of a victory mosque at ground zero. There is absolutely no need for a mosque at this particular location. There are plenty of mosques in New York City. Make no mistake about it: This is a Trophy Mosque. And if that isn’t enough, Imam Rauf has even named it the Cordoba House. This is a blatant act of throwing salt into the wound.

It gets worse. The real purpose of the Trophy Mosque, as stated by Imam Rauf himself, is to become the epicenter from which to spread sharia law all over America. Imam Rauf professes to be a moderate while at the same time demanding that America become sharia law compliant. This is ridiculous. Sharia law and moderation are complete opposites.

Sharia law — the set of social and behavioural laws by which Muslims live and die — is vile, violent and despicable.

Sharia law includes the complete subjugation and degradation of women.  Muslim men may, with impunity, do anything they want to women — and girls for that matter. This includes genital mutilation, beatings, pedophilia, rape and beheadings. This is moderation?

Sharia law includes the chopping off of a youngster’s hand for stealing a loaf off bread even if the child is starving. This is moderation?

Sharia law includes burying a woman vertically up to her chest and smashing her with stones until she is dead. This is moderation?

How in the world can an imam simultaneously embrace sharia law and moderation? Answer: He can’t. How can an imam simultaneously embrace sharia law and CLAIM to be moderate? Answer: He can’t. He’s a liar. Yes, Imam Rauf is a bald-faced liar. But, that’s okay. You see, in Islam, lying is quite alright — it’s called taqqiyah — so long as the aim is to increase the dominion of Islam.

Shortly after the 2001 Islamic terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers, on CBS’s ’60 Minutes,’ the ever moderate Imam Rauf offered up the bizarre claims that America (not Islam) had created Osama bin Laden and that America was partially responsible for 9/11. You will have to consult with Imam Rauf himself to connect those dots.

In a 2004 lecture Imam Rauf said, “America and Islam both believe that all men are created equal, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Holy cow, Islam it turns out, is based on the Declaration of Independence.

Imam Rauf also claimed, “Sharia law is the fulfillment of five fundamental human rights: life, freedom of religion, family, property and mental well-being.” Now wait just a minute. Let’s examine these one at a time.

1) Life. He’s got to be kidding. Chopping off a child’s hand? Gang raping a young Muslim woman? Mutilating a pubescent Muslim girl’s genitals? I wonder what these victims think about their rights to life under sharia law.

2) Freedom of religion. Oh yeah. And, Saudi Arabia has hundreds of Catholic Churches and Jewish Synagogues. There’s even a Southern Baptist Church in Riyadh.

3) Family. Family? I don’t even know what that means.

4) Property. Well, at least he got one right. Islam is all about property: Mohammed’s property. It’s called Dar al Islam and Imam Rauf wants all of America to be Mohammed’s property.

5) Mental well-being. Ouch. That one is so outrageous, I don’t even know what to say.

While chatting up how benign the Ground-Zero Trophy Mosque would be, Imam Rauf implied that Sharia Law and American Democracy are basically the same thing. But, if that is true, why is Imam Rauf demanding America become sharia law compliant, since according to him we already are? The reason is: America is NOT sharia law compliant. Americans are reviled by sharia law. Imam Rauf is a big, fat liar.

Enter Barrack Obama. Earlier this month, at a White House state dinner celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, President Obama came out in favor of the Ground-Zero Mosque. Tell me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the same Barrack Obama with quite a handful of troubling pro-Muslim and anti-Judeo-Christian connections. Stuff like:

1) No one really knows whether or not Obama is a Muslim. (For that matter, no one really knows if he is even an American.) His childhood years were spent in Hawaii, but his formative years were spent in Indonesia where Islam is the dominant religion (86%). By the time he returned to Hawaii, Obama may well have been firmly indoctrinated into Islam. The only thing known for sure is that his Kenyan father was a convert to Islam who took the Muslim name, Barrack Hussein Obama. Our president is actually Barrack Hussein Obama II. Obama claims to be a Christian which seems really far-fetched, being as he sat in the Black Liberation Theology Church of Jeremiah Wright for twenty years. Black Liberation Theology is about as close to Christianity as Little League is to Major League baseball. Not surprisingly, Black Liberation Theology and Islam have much in common: the hatred of white Americans.

2) Obama seems to be drawn to Muslim leaders, like Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Libyan wack-job Moammar Khaddafy. He also is tight with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who hates white Americans and wants all of them dead. Obama is barely able to conceal his euphoria when in the presence of these hatemongers.

3) Everything Obama does regarding Israel undermines their very existence. Obama completely and outrageously snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on a state visit in March of 2010. What message did the Islamic world take from that? Obama has done nothing to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. What deduction can anyone make from that other than Obama wouldn’t exactly be mortified if Iran were to nuke Israel out of existence, thus fulfilling the quintessential dream of Muslims everywhere?

4) Obama couldn’t be bothered to participate in the National Day of Prayer — a mostly Christian celebration — in early May. Obama couldn’t be bothered to speak at the annual Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, being as he was still on one of his myriad vacations. Obama was able, however, to scoot back to the White House three days later to honor the great humanitarian, Paul McCartney. Obama couldn’t be bothered to speak to the Boy Scouts of America on their one hundredth anniversary celebration in July — probably because the tenets of the BSA rely heavily on Christain principles. His excuse was a previously scheduled appearance on the  television talk show The View, where he could be worshipped by a bunch of left-wing female airheads. Obama did, however find plenty of time to hobnob with Muslims at the White House in celebration of Ramadan. Box score: Christianity 0 for 3, Islam 1 for 1.

If Obama is not a Muslim, he sure acts like one. So, can anyone be surprised that Obama would come down on the Muslim side of erecting the Ground-Zero Trophy Mosque? I think not.

Obama gave a very simplistic reason for building the mosque, namely freedom of religion as demanded by the United States Constitution. Curiously, this is the first time since Obama took the oath of office that he has come out in support of the Constitution. The flaw in Obama’s simplistic contention is that America’s tolerance of diverse religions crosses the line when the first precept of that religion is the killing of several hundred million Americans who happen to be infidels (non-Muslims).

As usual, Obama is on the wrong side of the American people. The vast majority of Americans don’t want the Trophy Mosque at or anywhere near ground-zero. Muslims prey on American timidity. If Americans don’t want this new ‘brave new world’ of sharia law, they had better wake up and find some backbone. Stopping the Ground-Zero Trophy Mosque would be a good start.

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